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Google Link Tracker: Track Your Links in Google Analytics

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(Google Link Tracker follows this short introduction. Scroll down to use it now.) When you send your own website traffic through links you place on other sites (or even in email messages), you can track where each visitor came from and which link they clicked, using Google’s URL builder tool. For example, you might want to know how many visitors come to your site from a link within a monthly email newsletter, or the link to your site in your email signature.

Enter the link you want to track and specify the following:

  • Source: the place last visited before reaching your site(e.g., a search engine or your own website)
  • Medium: the method a visitor used to arrive at that source (e.g, by clicking a search result, a link on your homepage, or an ad).

Use the link that is returned, and Google Analytics will track visitors that use it!

Google Link Tracking Tool

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