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SEO Services: Why You Must Know Searcher Psychology

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seo services searcher psychologyI just got off the phone with a real estate broker here in Manila. He decided to learn SEO in order to boost his rankings. After a couple months of hard work (and without outsourcing SEO services), he had the number one ranking for two different keywords: home remodeling and manila home valuation. His analytics showed him a 100% increase in his web traffic.

But appointments to see his properties didn’t increase. Neither did sales. Why not? Because he failed to understand the pivotal role searcher psychology plays when optimizing a web page for the search engines. Let’s examine each keyword for a moment:

home remodeling – This keyword was responsible for virtually all his new traffic. However, when deciding to optimize for this keyword, the broker didn’t realize that anyone searching for this term would not be interested in buying a condo from him. He succeeded in sending himself a a couple thousand more pageviews per month, but the traffic was worthless.

manila home valuation – This keyword, on the other hand, sent no traffic to his site, because nobody was searching for it. Having the top spot on Google for a keyword that nobody ever searches for won’t increase sales, much less pageviews.

It is critical that one understands user intent when planning which keywords to rank for. Think like a consumer; this shouldn’t be hard, as you are one yourself. What terms would YOU search for when looking for information? If you were buying a house, would you be more likely to use the term “residence” or the type of home you’re looking for (condo, apartment, house)?

SEO Services: Hire Someone Credible

If you choose to outsource SEO services to another company, make sure you get one that will suggest keywords based on your goals that 1) consider a visitor’s intent; 2) sends you traffic that is interested in what you’re selling (or showing); 3) isn’t so competitive that it will be impossible to rank for; and 4) is something they can rank in the top 2 spots, preferably the first. Research shows that 57% of searchers click the #1 result, 10% click the #2 result, and 4% click the #3 result.

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