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Email Marketing via Outlook: You’re Wasting Your Time

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If you’re engaged in email marketing, and you’re using Outlook to send large amounts of email to your contacts or a database, chances are nobody is getting them. Why? Because once a certain number of people have marked a message as spam, your IP address (the location of the server that you are sending from) will be blacklisted by Gmail, Yahoo, and individual Internet Service Providers, so that future messages you send either go to the recipient’s spam folder, or just get deleted altogether.

How to Know if This is Happening to You

  • Do you get close to zero response from blasting thousands or tens of thousands of emails out? If so, chances are good that nobody is seeing them.
  • If you blast from your regular email account, do your email recipients to sometimes report not getting your emails, or finding your messages in their spam folder? This is a major red flag that your IP address is blacklisted.

How to Fix Your Email Marketing

Stop using Outlook and move to an application designed specifically for high-volume (bulk) email campaigns. The downside is that this will involve a monthly fee which will depend on the size of your database and how much email you are sending. The upside is that you won’t be wasting your time writing emails that nobody is reading, and you’ll be able to track how many people received it, opened it, and clicked on a link in it (clickthrough). Moving to the next level of effectiveness, you can try A/B Split Testing, which will help you boost your open rates and clickthroughs.

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