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Google+ Roundup

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There’s been a lot of news about Google+ coming out in the past couple weeks, with additional capabilities that will change the way you connect to information. This post will serve as a digest for what’s hot right now.

Craig Kanalley blogged at the Huffington Post about how Google+ sign-in will now integrate with apps. If you’re signed into Google+, your activity within apps will now inform Google search of what’s hot. Google will be able to track the most popular audio files on SoundCloud, for instance, or the best reviewed movies on Fandango at any given time.  Google+ Director of Product Management Seth Sternberg reported that Google is “rolling out this feature in desktop Search over the next few weeks, starting with a limited number of music and movie apps.” Additional apps will be supported over time.

Over at Digital Marketing Remix, Natascha Thomson blogs about why Google+ will win the social media platform race. She thinks that as the big social media platforms add features (such as Twitter dropping support for Instagram and getting their own photo (and video) tool; LinkedIn adding endorsements, company pages, and the option to add all kinds of content to profiles; and Facebook offering live streaming and now even free phone calls), people will narrow down the number of social networks they engage with. Google now offers community, email, analytics, document hosting, pictures, video sharing with YouTube and more – and all of it accessible with a single password and login, connected to the most powerful search engine in the world. Add to that the fact that Google+ is already in second place when it comes to the number of most active users on a social network, plus people are cutting back on time spent on Facebook, and the handwriting is on the wall: Google+ will be the dominant social media platform: its just a matter of time.

Not to leave out businesses, we’ll finish this roundup with a YouTube video by Martin Shervington discussing how you can use Google+ to improve your brand’s searchability on Google.

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