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How to Check Google Analytics Certification

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analytics-logo1You will want to check Google Analytics Certification for anyone you are considering hiring as a consultant or analyst. Although Google provides a certificate that one can present, such certificates can easily photoshopped. A better way to verify is by examining a Google transcript. This is an easy process.

Everyone who takes the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Exam has a login to the Google Testing Center. Inside the center they have the ability to create a transcript that displays their test data. They can create transcript records that show various amounts of information, such as how many times they took the test, whether they passed, their scores, and/or their Google certifications. Each transcript record has a link that anyone can access, like this one:

You’ll notice that the above link lists my name, email address, the tests I’ve taken, the tests I’ve passed, my scores, what certificates I’ve been awarded, and their expiration dates. You can even click on each test and see if there were particular topic areas that I had trouble with. For the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam, you can see that it says “Based on your test results, you may wish to review the following lessons: Internal Site Search. This means I missed a couple questions related to internal site search analytics.

I can also set up a transcript that displays a lot less data. This transcript contains my name and the lists of all tests I have passed, and that’s all. The tests are not clickable, so one cannot examine score reports.

When requesting a Google transcript, be sure to ask for test scores, and ask for score reports (which allows you to examine areas of difficulty, as I mentioned above). After the link you are provided is clicked, it should redirect to a URL that begins with

Check Google Analytics Certification, Not Google Certified Partner Status

The Google Certified Partner program is a company certification, as opposed to an individual qualification. Google provides a list of Certified Partners that one can verify, but individually certified individuals do not appear on it. The only way to check Google Analytics certification is through the transcript link previously discussed, which you can get from the individual.

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