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How to Track Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Campaigns

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Is the money you spend getting influential people to tweet about your brand really worth it? How do you show value? Marketers talk about reach and impressions (reach being the number of people that see an ad (think “visitors”), impressions being the total number of times an ad is seen: (think “pageviews”), but that can be difficult on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

  • Twitonomy is a free Twitter analytics tool that provides detailed and visual analytics on anyone’s tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, and hashtags, but but does not capture reach and impressions
  • You can use the free Instagram analytics tool Statigram to track followers, followings, likes and comments, but it also does not capture reach or impressions
  • SimplyMeasured tracks the above metrics for both Facebook and Instagram in a one-time report, and again, no reach or impressions. There is a maximum of 25k followers for free reports.
  • TweetReach tracks Twitter analytics and does capture reach, impressions and other data in beautiful charts, and tracks in real-time
  • Keyhole tracks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, captures reach, impressions, and other data in beautiful charts, and tracks in real-time

Depending on your needs, free tools might be enough to get a basic look at your social media efforts. However, for anyone presenting campaign results to a brand manager, marketing director, or a CMO, reach and impressions are key performance indicators of a campaign. This leaves TweetReach and Keyhole, which report similar metrics.

Both web apps can track hashtags, keywords, or URLs to measure social media impact for a campaign or event, but TweetReach is currently limited to Twitter tracking only. With the advent of hashtags on Facebook, as well as the popularity of Instagram, Keyhole’s wider tracking of channels might be more relevant to a marketer’s needs.

Keyhole: One Tracker to Rule Them All

Keyhole has a free social tracker that gives you a sample of what the tracker can do (one keyword, limited data). Those willing to sign up get a three-day free trial (full capabilities) to test drive the software. Monthly paid plans are available for 1, 3, 10, or 25 “tracks.” Keyhole defines a track as a single monitoring page that can track up to five hashtags, keywords, or URLs.

While Tweetreach is better known in marketing circles, Keyhole is used by ad agencies and media companies (Ogilvy, Horizon Media, and MTV among others) which convinced me to give it a try. But what you really want to know is: what does the data look like? Check out this real-time track of Audi for a look. As you can see, in addition to top sites, share of posts (percentage of original, retweet, or reply), most influential, and most recent, you also get location, demographics, topics and sources, in charts you can show your boss(es). The data is also available in a downloadable report to those who have subscribed for 3 or more tracks per month, or in an Excel spreadsheet for your own number crunching.


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