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StarNet Influence Marketing: Hire Celebrities to Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook for Your Brand

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StarNet: Influence Marketing 2.0

Why Influence Marketing?

  1. A tweet from a celebrity constitutes an endorsement via social media, increasing your brand credibility.
  2. The low cost blows pay-per-click marketing away and is much more trusted more than advertising.
  3. You can choose celebrities that have the reach and the audience demographics you want.
  4. Celebrity tweets create buzz like nothing else.
  5. People are more likely to try something new they haven’t heard of if a celebrity they like tweets it.

Is Your Target Market Right for Microendorsements? (Not all are)

Celebrity tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook status updates are great as long as your target market is online. Not all target markets are though. If your target market is over age 50 or below socio-eco C+, microendorsements may not be cost-effective.

How to Hire Influencers to Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook for Your Brand

Hiring celebrities, bloggers, business leaders, and other influencers to Tweet, Instagram, or Facebook on behalf of your brand is easy.

StarNet Influence Marketing, How It Works

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How Results Are Tracked

Some agencies will supply reports on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Tony Ahn & Co. offers real-time analytics on-demand. You will be provided a link to an instant, up-to-the-minute display showing reach, impressions, and a wealth of other information for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (we track all three):

StarNet Influence Marketing analytics 1StarNet example 2 smaller


Can we see your roster of influencers?

While we do have some influencers that we work with more regularly, we have access to virtually everyone in the country, save a small number that don’t sell microendorsements.

Can we see the influencers’ rate cards?

Influencers don’t have a rate card (We wish they did! We’d spend a lot less time negotiating with them, then). The pricing they request is based on a number of factors, including:

  • Whether or not they think being associated with the brand will help their career or create opportunities;
  • Whether they are familiar with the brand or not, and if they are, whether or not they prefer it;
  • Their general mood/receptivity when we call.

Generally prices start at 10k per tweet with a three tweet minimum, and can go up over 50k per tweet for some of the most popular influencers. Personal appearances can start as low as 40k and go into the hundreds of thousands for popular influencers.

Can we request specific influencers?

Absolutely. Generally the process follows the following format:

  1. We’re given a key message, a target demographic, and a budget by the agency/client. You may include specific influencers in your request.
  2. We come back to you with a proposal that includes a list of suggested influencers, along with their pricing. If available, your requested influencers will be at the top of this list.
  3. You can select influencers according to your preferences and budget.

Do you just work with brands, or agencies as well?

StarNet is used by some of the largest ad and media agencies in the country to support campaigns for their clients, and is also directly used by brands.

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