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The Facebook Responsiveness Badge Explained

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facebook pages managerWhile you may know the Very responsive to messages badge lights up when you have a response rate of 90% and a response time of 15 minutes, that still leaves quite a few questions:
  • How far back does Facebook look to calculate that?
  • Is there a way to reset it?
  • Is it based on the response to every message your page receives?
  • Do people see your responsiveness stats when the badge is not lit up?
  • How does the page being set to away every night affect this?
  • Will instant replies make your response rate 100% with a zero minute response time?

Here are the answers:

Response rate is the percentage of new messages that your Page sends an initial response to on the day they’re received. Response time is the average time it takes your Page to send initial responses to new messages in one day. Facebook looks back over the last 7 days to determine response rate and response time. There is no way to reset it; just endeavor to improve over the next seven days. If you have an unresponsive day, it will only hurt your stats for 7 days.

Response rate and response time are based only on your Page’s first reply in a conversation, not follow-up messages in the same conversation that day, so make sure you respond to that first message fast.

If you receive messages when your Page’s messaging status is set to away, the responsiveness metrics for those messages will be calculated based on the time at which your Page becomes available again, so if your page becomes available at 9am, make sure you’re answering them at 9am. If you’ve got ten messages and don’t think you can get to all ten in fifteen minutes, use a holding message like “Thanks for reaching out! We’ll be with you in a few minutes,” and copy that to all of them. Then go back to the first one and begin answering them.

Instant Replies don’t improve your Page’s response rate or response time, and messages marked as spam don’t count against your Page’s response rate or response time.

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