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Wikipedia Article Consulting: Why It Pays to Hire a Specialist

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Having difficulty with a brand article on Wikipedia? More and more marketers are turning to Wikipedia article consulting after finding their article tagged with a header such as this:Wikipedia article consulting ensures article tags, like this one stating "This article is written like an advertisement" do not appear at the top of your brand article.

…edited in ways they find objectionable, deleted without explanation, or even finding their account banned. This happens mostly due to a lack understanding of Wikipedia’s rules and standards, or because marketers find it difficult to write in the neutral, encyclopedic style required for Wikipedia entries.

Wikipedia Article Requirements


Many novice Wikipedia writers cite their company’s own website, press release websites, or press releases published by news sources and then are frustrated when the article they wrote is deleted. Further, in order to qualify for inclusion in Wikipedia, your brand must be the subject of significant media coverage from multiple reliable sources that have editorial independence. What the heck does that mean?! This handy graphic explains:

Wikipedia article consulting will follow these guidelines


Wikipedia articles must be written from a neutral point of view. This is a major departure from the kind of writing most marketing professionals are skilled in. The encyclopedic style of writing is objective and unbiased, which means phrases like: Widgets International is the premier manufacturer of widgets in North America are unacceptable. A neutral point of view represents all of the significant views that have been published by reliable sources on a topic fairly, proportionately, and, as far as possible, without editorial bias. Even sentences like Widgets International was the number one distributor of widgets in North America in 2010—while factual—do not belong in Wikipedia, because they have a promotional tone. A sentence that factually states the number of widgets distributed or the market share—if backed up by a reliable source—is acceptable: By 2010, Widgets International was still selling between one and one and a half million widgets in North America every year: 72 percent of the North American widget market share.


In addition, there are a number of additional skills and topics that are required to fully understand and navigate Wikipedia:

  • The markup code (called Wikicode) required to write good Wikipedia articles takes some time to learn and is not used outside Wikimedia software.
  • Wikipedia has its own style guide that one must be familiar with to properly format articles.
  • Uploaded pictures require Creative Commons licensing, which is accomplished by sending an email to the Wikipedia OTRS team. Copyrighted pictures not properly licensed are summarily deleted.
  • If an article is flagged for deletion (which sometimes happens when it shouldn’t), an understanding of deletion procedures is critical to preventing or appealing a deletion.

Wikipedia Article Consulting Tips

Relying on Wikipedia article consulting saves time and effort, and can even result in placement on Wikipedia’s main page. Further, the professional you hire should offer article monitoring services, so you will be alerted to changes in your articles that other editors may make. The Wikipedia article consultant you hire should be able to provide you a long list of articles he or she has written for other clients. Ask for references also: verify with references that your consultant was responsive and prompt and that the client was satisfied with the entire experience.

The best Wikipedia article consulting agencies offer a refund if the article is deleted. Tony Ahn & Co. also offers PayPal Buyer Protection (for clients who pay through PayPal) so your transaction is entirely risk-free.

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