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StarNet Influence Marketing: Hire Celebrities to Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook for Your Brand

StarNet: Influence Marketing 2.0 Why Influence Marketing? A tweet from a celebrity constitutes an endorsement via social media, increasing your brand credibility. The low cost blows pay-per-click marketing away and is much more trusted more than advertising. You can choose celebrities that have the reach and the audience demographics you want. Celebrity tweets create buzz... Read More →

Tony Ahn & Co. puts Daphne Osena-Paez on the Wikipedia main page

The Wikipedia article “Daphne Oseña-Paez” was featured on the Wikipedia main page on June 17, from 8pm to 2am Manila time, courtesy of Tony Ahn, who developed the article for Ms. Oseña-Paez. Both a “hook” and her photo was displayed on the Wikipedia main page, in the “Did You Know? From Wikipedia’s newest articles” section,... Read More →

“I’m So Glad You Bought Me!” How I Bought Actress Andi Eigenmann, and Why She Was Glad I Did

In February I found out there was a charity auction for a date with a TV star. Available were Filipina stars Roxy Montealegre, Megan Young, Isabelle Abiera, Lauren Young, and Andi Eigenmann. About half my business is doing reputation management and social media development for local celebrities, and it was for kids with cancer, so I thought I’d bid... Read More →

Celebrities: How Using Twitter the Right Way Can Make Your Rising Star Rise Faster

Celebs and their managers have long seen Twitter as a way to broadcast messages to existing fans, but used properly, can be a powerful tool to exponentially grow one’s fan base and develop a fiercely loyal following. For those celebrities on TV, the following applies: Fiercely loyal following = Increased viewership = Better ratings =... Read More →