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Wikipedia Article Consulting: Why It Pays to Hire a Specialist

Having difficulty with a brand article on Wikipedia? More and more marketers are turning to Wikipedia article consulting after finding their article tagged with a header such as this: …edited in ways they find objectionable, deleted without explanation, or even finding their account banned. This happens mostly due to a lack understanding of Wikipedia’s rules... Read More →

Tips for Tracing a Reputation Attack

Unfortunately in today’s world, anonymous online attacks are easy to mount. However, some simple cyber-sleuthing can help track down additional information to help one determine the source. A lot of attack sites aren’t set up to have broad reach, but to damage the reputation of a person or company just to a particular group of... Read More →

Digital Crisis Management

Crisis management has long been an area of practice for public relations professionals, which requires media training of the client, development of key messaging, and an overall de-escalation strategy that includes a media engagement plan. However, PR firms have struggled with how to handle digital  crisis management, as the strategies for handling tweets and blogs... Read More →

Tony Ahn & Co. puts Daphne Osena-Paez on the Wikipedia main page

The Wikipedia article “Daphne Oseña-Paez” was featured on the Wikipedia main page on June 17, from 8pm to 2am Manila time, courtesy of Tony Ahn, who developed the article for Ms. Oseña-Paez. Both a “hook” and her photo was displayed on the Wikipedia main page, in the “Did You Know? From Wikipedia’s newest articles” section,... Read More →

How Wikipedia Allows You to Influence the Media

If you’re a public figure (or about to become one), Wikipedia can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. Your Wikipedia entry is the jumping off point for serious investigative research on you by journalists as well as more casual Google searches by potential employers, collaborators, partners, and others. When someone is researching you... Read More →