Careers at Tony Ahn & Co.
Who We Are

The best and brightest come to Tony Ahn & Co. to innovate, to take on the biggest challenges, and to develop their personal competitive advantages while developing the competitive advantages of the company. But they stay because of the relationships they build.

  • Passionate. We enjoy what we do. We thrive on the challenges, people, and ideas we work with every day.
  • Supportive. We stand with our people. We foster potential by providing training, resources, and mentoring. We challenge each other to stretch our abilities and achieve our aspirations.
  • Collaborative. Teamwork sharpens our skills and fortifies our solutions. We succeed by working as partners with our clients and each other to share our knowledge, insights, and experience.
  • Professional. We carefully consider our clients’ interests. We are respectful and objective, but we’re not afraid to disagree if it’s best for our client.

Take a closer look at the people and values that have made—and continue to make—Tony Ahn & Co. the firm that it is.

Our clients. Major companies ranging from the banking sector to the marketing industry as well as influential individuals call on us, and we’re privileged to serve them.

Our values. We always deliver our best to our clients and offer our people an exceptional place to learn and grow. We practice aggressive and oftentimes non-traditional problem solving, and think like entrepreneurs in order to seize opportunities for our clients.

Our technology. Staying on top of new technological innovations allows us to offer our clients a competitive advantage, while simultaneously improving our operational efficiency, making Tony Ahn & Co. faster, stronger, and more responsive.

What we do

We achieve our clients’ marketing and public relations goals using the technology most appropriate to the task. This may involve a state-of-the-art solution, a traditional solution, or a new way of leveraging traditional solutions, or it may involve marrying multiple elements together in new ways. We do research, develop insights, and solve complex problems. Most importantly, we assess and measure the impact of our efforts, so that our clients can make informed decisions moving forward.

Competitive Advantages at Tony Ahn & Co.What Makes Us Different

At Tony Ahn & Co., we’ve thrown out the traditional corporate playbook for how to run a company, and re-imagined our advancement, management, and human resources structure with our values in mind. A few examples:

  • We operate under a Results-Only Work Environment. Employees are free to do whatever they want, whenever they want, as long as the work gets done. This means employees have no vacation caps, because they’re responsible for making sure their work gets done while they are gone. Need a day off? Take one. We trust you.
  • Promotions and additional work assignments are based on merit, not seniority.
  • Employees are financially rewarded for finding better ways to do things. At Tony Ahn & Co., one profits from making the company more profitable.

Our Values = Competitive Advantages

Hacking is the act of understanding a system well enough to take it apart, play with its inner workings, and do something better with it. It is the act of getting what you need to do your best by exploiting loopholes and creating work-arounds. It is bypassing the usual ways of doing things to produce improved results. We have hacked better ways to engage target audiences, mitigate brand damage during a crisis, and organize internal information. We will never stop hacking.

Piracy is the act of taking control of your resources and using your competitive advantages to aggressively capture opportunities. Pirates in the Age of Sail were spirited, determined, rebellious entrepreneurs who overwhelmed their prey by doing things the enemy couldn’t anticipate or replicate: this was their competitive advantage. Modern pirates aggressively develop and leverage their own competitive advantages using the latest technology and harnessing unique resources that competitors simply can’t reproduce. In this way, we bring our clients the best possible results.

We hire hackers and pirates at Tony Ahn & Co.

Tony Ahn & Co. is the leading digital marketing and reputation management agency in the Philippines. As such, we aim to bring out the very best in you. Promotions are based on merit, not seniority. The best and most committed hackers and pirates will reap the greatest rewards.

Our Mission Statement

At Tony Ahn & Co. we are leaders in the innovation, development, and execution of public relations and marketing initiatives, both digital and traditional.

Here are the principles of how we live that every day:

Our Service

We recognize that new technologies–often unknown to our client’s entire industry–provide radical advantages to our clients. We execute these technologies on behalf of our clients, giving them a competitive advantage, and provide them measurable results they can act upon.

Our Clients

It has always been, and will always be, about connecting. We’re passionate about connecting with our clients, our clients’ connecting with their current and future customers, and connecting with the world at large to transform public opinion. We do this using the newest technologies available.

Our Colleagues

We are unified in our mutual respect for one another and our clients by the multitude of life experiences that we hail from: our diversity is our strength. We hold each other accountable by effectively forming, communicating, aligning, and inspecting the fulfillment of each expectation we set, in a positive manner that sets our colleagues up for success. We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics and hold each other to those standards.

Our Business

We recognize that profitability is fundamental to our success.