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How to Hire an Agency

Many startups and entrepreneurs that require the services of an agency (whether that be a marketing agency, public relations agency, media agency, or one of the hybrid forms) could use guidance as to how fees are structured. Retaining an agency is not like other procurement negotiations. When you’re negotiating to buy office equipment, if you’re... Read More →

Wikipedia Article Consulting: Why It Pays to Hire a Specialist

Having difficulty with a brand article on Wikipedia? More and more marketers are turning to Wikipedia article consulting after finding their article tagged with a header such as this: …edited in ways they find objectionable, deleted without explanation, or even finding their account banned. This happens mostly due to a lack understanding of Wikipedia’s rules... Read More →

Cinemagraphs: Just When You Thought Animated GIFs Were Passé, a New Form is KILLING IT

Cinemagraphs: Living Photos in Advertising A cinemagraph is a photograph in which one small element has motion. Think: a landscape photo where only the leaves on the trees are moving, or beach scene with a woman reclining, completely still except for her sundress blowing in the wind. Big brands like Doritos, the Emmys, and Panasonic are employing them in their ad... Read More →

Tips for Tracing a Reputation Attack

Unfortunately in today’s world, anonymous online attacks are easy to mount. However, some simple cyber-sleuthing can help track down additional information to help one determine the source. A lot of attack sites aren’t set up to have broad reach, but to damage the reputation of a person or company just to a particular group of... Read More →

StarNet Influence Marketing: Hire Celebrities to Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook for Your Brand

StarNet: Influence Marketing 2.0 Why Influence Marketing? A tweet from a celebrity constitutes an endorsement via social media, increasing your brand credibility. The low cost blows pay-per-click marketing away and is much more trusted more than advertising. You can choose celebrities that have the reach and the audience demographics you want. Celebrity tweets create buzz... Read More →