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Great headlines draw people in, and great content keeps them coming back. That’s what a professionally-managed blog does, and what our clients expect.

Blog Star is designed specifically be a popularity jetpack for your business. Inclusions:

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For new or niche brands, we use Blog Star to develop brand awareness, because blogs boost online visibility, which is the crucial first step in developing brand loyalty or word-of-mouth (viral) marketing.
Blog Star builds credibility by offering information of value (and establishing thought leadership whenever possible), because the brand with the most trust gets the sale. 
We also use Blog Star to humanize large, faceless brands such as banks and insurance companies, helping them better engage with their customers and potential customers, by showing them that major corporations are comprised of people just like them. 
Our clients reach out to their target audience via Blog Star, holding contests, getting feedback on products or ad campaigns, and learning more about their public’s wants and needs.
For times of crisis, Tony Ahn & Co. has a proven track record to quickly contain stories and influence both the press and public opinion through the rapid deployment of Blog Star.

Blog Star: Drive Content, Traffic & Sales

  • Our clients’ blogs are strategically written, developed, and optimized by our SEO-trained professional writers who ensure that the blogs will drive maximum traffic.
  • Throughout the engagement, we monitor our clients’ blogs in order to determine which articles rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • 30 total posts ensure our clients get ‘found’ on the web. Each is keyword optimized for maximum visibility.
  • Features of our signature Blog Promotion Campaign include:
    • 4 eye-grabbing guest posts in other popular blogs, which extend their visibility into other bloggers’ readership, which sends visitors to our clients’ sites for more information;
    • 100 comments on blogs, forums, and high-traffic news sites linking back to our clients’ blog for even more traffic
    • Email signature optimization showcasing their most recent blog post title at the end of every email they send, raising awareness by turning every email sent into an update.

Blog Star provides our clients with the service they require in order to achieve the visibility they need.



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