Blogger Relations Event

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Blogger relations event

Via our blogger network, your message reaches thousands who will read, watch, and spread the word about you.

While only 14% of people trust advertising, 88% of people report they trust the recommendations of others. Tap the power of an entire network. Quickly publicize your product launch, business opening, or message. Promote yourself in the medium of the new generation. Tony Ahn & Co.’s extensive network cuts across all target markets, niche and mainstream interests, and new and old channels. Our experience at handling media relations events guarantees robust attendance and exposure for you, your event, or issue.


  • Sumptuous food and appropriate venue
  • Bloggers are prepped with dynamic information kits.
  • Media training and briefing to elevate your discussion.
  • Presentation and design will reflect your values.
  • Collaterals will create brand unity and drive message recall.
  • Service and amenities will be world class.



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