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Our clients love the traffic Brand Beacon generates for them, when we insert their listings into popular consumer/industry sites, raising their visibility and perceived popularity.

Brand Beacon places your brand where your market looks for it by listing it in popular and niche consumer/industry sites, raising its visibility and perceived popularity. Our service “illuminates” your brand by getting it noticed, driving traffic to it, and imbuing it with increased professionalism and credibility in the eyes of your target market.

  • Site Insertion:  Affiliation is a key component of any brand and the same applies on the web. 84% percent of consumers trust recommendations from others, while only 14% trust advertisements. This makes consumer and industry websites superior sources of information, which is why they refer traffic.
  • High Visibility: Your brand may be the best, but if no one knows about it–or worse, can’t find it–then its value is ultimately lost. Brand Beacon helps your brand by making it shine through the clutter of the information superhighway, giving visitors a favorable impression and drawing them to your site.
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