Digital Marketing Enhancement of Your Campaign

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digital scan

Are your digital recommendations to clients cutting-edge? We can assist where you think you need it.

Agencies naturally have a hard time staying on top of the latest technology, even though it is essential to maintaining a competitive edge. Blind spots are common, even in experienced digital marketers. We’ll review your marketing plan and assess if your campaign has some blind spots that, when “painted” by our Digital Scan, could seal the pitch with technical SEO recommendations, or turn a flagging campaign around by changing public perception of your client’s brand.

We can come to do a Digital Scan at a moment’s notice, helping to redirect people to your efforts, alert you to negative mentions, as well as to opportunities to disrupt the marketplace to your advantage.


  • Review of marketing plan or current marketing efforts.
  • Recommendations on strategy, tactic, tool, and product selection/mix.



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