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Email Star makes it easy to send regular newsletters and Electronic Direct Mail. We’ll lay out your emails for you, produce original content, and create compelling reasons for your subscribers to click through to you.

Producing emails that drive both site traffic and sales is challenging without professional assistance. Email Star is a managed email solution that lays out our clients’ emails (sales letters, newsletters, or other formats) professionally, produces content tailored to their specifications, and sends it to their subscribers, whether hundreds or hundreds of thousands. This product inclues full analytics tracking to efficiently monitor which emails get opened, read, and acted upon.

 Email Star Inclusions

  • Email Optimization: Messages must be laid out and written utilizing email marketing best practices in order to be effective – images must be handled a certain way, MS Outlook’s preview pane must be leveraged, social media sharing options may be included. These and a hundred other elements must be considered for an effective emailer.
  • Titles Written by Professional Copywriters: Step one is getting your email opened. Our staff of writers is trained to produce titles that get your email read.
  • Tailored Email Content:  Once your recipient opens your email, the next step is to keep them reading.  At Tony Ahn & Co., we are masters at developing relevant, engaging content.
  • Call to Action:  Finally, the ultimate goal is for the recipient to take action.  Whether it’s a simple request for more information, an event RSVP, driving them to your website, or a reply to your sales team, we work end-to-end.  We link your customer base, gather emails, request emails, and subsequently manage the emails to enable our clients to effectively market to their customers.

Email Star comes with six emails over a twelve week period, up to 25,000 subscribers. Additional fees for up to 2 million more subscribers.

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