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Online Event Management and PromotionEvent Star is the smoothest way to get your online contacts to your event. From generating buzz on social networks to securing and tracking RSVPs, a big night for you is just another day at the office for us.

Choose Event Star for online event management. Tony Ahn & Co. will take care of all your online invitations, registration, ticketing, and even online payment. It’s affordable and easy to manage from a distance. We’ll plug into your social networks with the latest generation of event management tools, minimizing friction and maximizing attendance. Event Star is an end-to-end virtual event management and promotion platform, executed on behalf of clients by Tony Ahn & Co. It handles events from 25 to 25,000 invites equally well.


Event Microsite – A professional looking event homepage (customized to your brand and color scheme) that provides the who, what, where, and why details of your event, as well as a registration page for collecting attendee information.

Automatic Registration – With Event Star, registrations are handled automatically — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Attendees can register themselves for your event through an online registration page without you having to field calls or sort through emails, which saves you time and effort.

List Segmentation – You can collect as much or as little information as needed from registrants through a fully customizable form. We can automatically turn off registration at a certain date or when a maximum number of guests have registered. There’s no need to worry about overbooking.

Email Invitations – Using the same theme as your event homepage, we create an invitation and mail it to your contacts, complete with a prominent call-to-action link to register for the event.

On-Demand Reporting – Need to figure out how many people are currently registered for your event? Just contact your Tony Ahn & Co. engagement consultant. We can tell you how many people are currently registered for your event or drill down to see individual attendee details. We can send out reminders or last-minute-detail emails to attendees on your behalf, print a roster for checking people in at the door, and manually change the status for registrants — a handy feature for tracking those who attended versus those who registered but missed the event.

Credit Card Payments – If you are selling tickets for your event, you can accept credit card payments, with Event Star, making it easy for attendees to pay without you having to handle checks or phone calls. By getting payment at the time of signup, your registrants will be much more likely to attend than if they have to pay at the door. Getting payment upfront is the ultimate commitment to attend.

Event Promotion – By hosting their event homepage and registration online, our clients are better able to promote their event through multiple channels, reaching a wider audience of customers, members, and prospects. With Event Star, we can send email invitations and reminders to their contacts, promote their event to Twitter followers through the Tweet My Event feature, share it on Facebook, and link to the event from just about anywhere else — websites, online event listings, and more.

Security – Contact lists, registration information, payment data, and all other event details are secure in our system. We use state-of-the-art security systems to keep client and attendee data protected. Tony Ahn & Co. never shares, sells, or client or attendee information with third parties for their promotional use.

Post-Event  – With Event Star, the promotion of your event — particularly if it’s a recurring one — doesn’t end when the event is over. You can use social media to thank attendees for coming, share photos from the event to a service such as Flickr or Picasa, and share video on YouTube. Doing so provides value to attendees looking back and shows nonattendees what they missed this time around. Your Event Star homepage can be edited for up to 30 days after your event ends, so you can use it as a central place to link to photos, videos, handouts, and other materials if you don’t have another site available (i.e., a website or blog) for aggregating your post-event information. Also, we add links to your social media sites and a Join My Mailing List box to your homepage to ensure customers, members, and clients can connect with you however they choose.


PHP25,000 per month

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