Traditional Press Releases with a Digital Edge

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Our experience with press insertions gets your news in front of your target market.

The press release hasn’t changed much since its first use 100 years ago. However, the rest of the world around has. To propagate your message to this new media environment, we have a powerhouse of services that are embedded in our Press Release product, because they make your release stand out from the rest.


  • Email, Web, and Print Versions to cover all types of reporters (old-school and new-school).
  • Shareable “Quick Facts” and a Tweetable summary so influencers can share what they feel is relevant with their own audiences.
  • Content Streaming: We provide you an embed code so you can aggregate your news releases to your own online properties. Each time you publish a press release it will show up on your website, blog, or online newsroom.
  • Releases are searchable online (after story breaks) and SEO optimized to bring you traffic.
  • Image/video embedding to catch the attention of your customer.
  • Tracking and analytics to learn what engagement techniques are working best for your business.


PHP20,000 each for up to 10 insertions / PHP18,000 each for 11-25 insertions / PHP15,000 each for 26 or more insertions
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