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Reputation Management for Brands and PeopleFact: 92% of searchers never look at the second page of search results, and 98% never look at the third.

Some people and brands have found themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of having Google link negative mentions to their brand.

One disgruntled employee, dissatisfied client, or angry blogger can cause a lot of damage.  In addition, your competitors may also actively seek to harm your reputation.

Rep Star is an aggressive approach to the online reputation management of our clients by pushing negative information off page one, where it is seen by few. Reclaim your Google results and bring back the glory.

How do we do it?

Our method uses a combination of content creation on well-ranked sites, as well as improving the search engine positioning of positive or neutral links. As a result, your potential customers will see the ‘good news’ on Google page one. The positive links, in effect, will push the negative links down where casual searchers do not see them.


PHP10,000 per slot/rank all negative links are pushed down, per month

For example, if when searching for Acme Widgets Worldwide, a negative blog post comes up in the #4 position on Google and a negative review in the #7 position, it would require 7 slots to push the negative blog post to page 2 of search results. No extra charge for pushing the negative review off page 1.

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