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Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, FourSquare ManagementToday, you need all the channels that your fans are using to keep top-of-mind, and so they never feel alone. We have a system of keeping in touch with millions of listeners so you don’t have to.

Everyone knows the power of social media. Staying connected with your customers, friends and fans on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Foursquare is time consuming and requires marketing expertise to be effective.

Not only does Tony Ahn & Co. manage your presence, but we build your brand, communicate with your fans and respond to their likes and inquires promptly and with your social media objectives in mind:  acquisition, engagement & conversion of community.

Social Media Star uses professional community managers to pull in traffic for you, and most importantly, do something with it: drive visitors to your website, have them sign up for a special offer or more information (thus capturing their contact information), or present them with a coupon that must be redeemed in-store. If your social media presence is collecting followers and likes, but nothing more, we can help.


PHP49,000 per month


Choose two social networks:

30 Tweets / Custom Twitter Background / Daily Community Management 8AM-8PM / Reaction Grid and up to 100 responses to tweets / Weekly tracking and analysis 
15 Facebook status updates on your page / Facebook presence setup or optimization / Daily Community Management 8AM-8PM / Reaction Grid and up to 100 responses on your page / Weekly tracking and analysis 
60 Pinterest Pins to drive traffic to your website / Pinterest presence setup or optimization / Daily Community Management 8AM-8PM / Reaction Grid and up to 100 responses to your pins / Weekly tracking and analysis 
30 Foursquare Tips to drive traffic to your Foursquare profile and ultimately your establishment / Foursquare presence setup or optimization / Daily Community Management 8AM-8PM / Reaction Grid and up to 100 responses to messages / Weekly tracking and analysis 

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