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24/7 Facebook Monitoring


Think of social sentry as your own digital call center. You can stay on top of each comment and tweet and keep in touch 24/7. All this, without lifting a finger.

Tony Ahn & Co. is there with human eyes-on-page providing immediate response to situations that can affect your customers’ experience. Social Sentry gives your business a competitive advantage, which enables your business to be right-on-time…every time to aid and react to the needs of your clients or fans. Social Sentry gives you the competitive edge when handling client concerns.

  • Reputation Management: From responding to comments on your Facebook page/Twitter feed to actual deletion of negative posts, Social Sentry ensures that that the brand’s reputation is maintained.
  • Customer Care:  Today customers expect to be heard right away. Social Sentry allows your brand to attend to customer inquiries, concerns, and feedback immediately.
With 24-hour monitoring, our average response time is 15 minutes. 


  • Facebook Monitoring or Twitter Monitoring.
  • Response Grid.
  • 24-Hour Human Eyes-On Page.
  • 24-Hour Alert Service.


9am – 5pm: PHP5,000 setup + PHP5,000 per month | 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: PHP40,000 setup, PHP30,000 per month
 Contact Tony Ahn & Co. to see how Social Sentry can be tailored to your specific needs. 

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