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StarNet ProcessGet celebrities and other notable individuals to endorse your product or brand on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, via StarNet.

StarNet is a microendorsement platform. It connects brands with digital influencers such as TV & radio personalities, singers, movie stars, noted bloggers and even niche influencers through their Twitter and Instagram accounts and/or through personal appearances. StarNet helps you connect to your target audience via social media and direct public attention to whatever you designate via a network of influential publishers that meet your campaign objectives.

In addition, StarNet provides real-time feedback on demand. No more waiting for a monthly report: find out how your StarNet social media campaign is doing by accessing your StarNet campaign link and viewing up-to-the-minute results, including the reach and impression data most marketing directors expect to see.

  • Instant brand association and recognition
  • Immediate access to an audience that has opted-in to hear from an influencer they admire, writing or speaking about your brand.
  • Laser targeting: pick the influencers that best reach your target market
  • 100x more engaging (and more trusted) than regular ads

It’s a simple concept where you can pick one or more of our influencers to tweet/post (or appear) for your brand, product or service. We have access to almost every influencer in the Philippines.

Tony Ahn & Co. enjoys preferred rates from microendorsers through StarNet since we work with them regularly, and we pass that savings on to our clients: no project management fee. In addition, influencers are often unable to provide official receipts, but that’s not a problem. You’ll get an OR from Tony Ahn & Co. for every purchase.
Please contact Tony Ahn & Co.’s Business Development Manager Cherish Acosta at for all inquiries and for pricing on specific influencers.


Can we see your roster of influencers?
While we do have some influencers that we work with more often, we have access to almost everyone in the country. There are a small number that don’t sell microendorsements, but we have access to all the rest.
Can we see the influencers rate cards?
Influencers don’t have a rate card (We wish they did! We’d spend a lot less time negotiating with them, then). The pricing they request is based on a number of factors, including:
  • Whether or not they think being associated with the brand will help their career or create opportunities;
  • Whether they are familiar with the brand or not, and if they are, whether or not they prefer it
  • What they ate for breakfast yesterday/their general mood when we call.
I can tell you that generally prices start at 10k per tweet with a three tweet minimum, and can go up over 50k per tweet for some of the most popular influencers. Personal appearances can start as low as 40k and go into the hundreds of thousands for popular influencers.
Can we request specific influencers?
Generally the process follows the following format:
1) We’re given a key message, a target demographic, and a budget by the agency/client. You may include specific influencers in your request.
2) We come back to you with a proposal that includes list of suggested influencers, along with their pricing. If available, your requested influencers will be at the top of this list.
3) You can select your preferred influencers according to your budget.
Do you just work with brands, or agencies as well?
StarNet is used by some of the largest ad and media agencies in the country to support campaigns for their clients, and is also used by brands.

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