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Guest appearance on GNN's Creative Business.

  • Guest appearance (photo above) on GNN’s Creative Business. Global News Network is a dedicated news cable channel based in the Philippines.
  • Tony Ahn on Crisis Management [Watch part 1] [Watch part 2] – Adobo Magazine Live

In the heat of the Renato Corona impeachment trial, rumors of corruption bubbled when PSBank was threatened with contempt for refusing to disclose information about the then-Chief Justice’s dollar accounts. It was at this point that Tony Ahn & Co. was called in, arranging for a ghostwritten blog and a system for social media monitoring and response in which an attorney joined online discussions to explain bank secrecy laws. In place of a potential media wildfire, public opinion was neatly won in nine days time.

  • “Smoke and Mirrors: How Tony Ahn Pioneered Digital Public Relations,” a June 2015 feature appearing in Rogue Magazine. (click photo for online version)

"Laying Down a New World Digital Marketing Architecture," a January 2015 feature appearing in Malaya Business Insight, the Philippines' national daily business broadsheet.

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I have appeared as a guest on several TV & radio programs, and in print & digital media coverage over the years (see below).


“Tony Ahn has established himself as a driving force in the industry of digital public relations…this digital PR pioneer [is] the unseen hand that shapes public perception of some of the biggest names in the Philippines.”

Arianna Lim, Rogue Magazine

“Ahn’s exceptional mix of education and hands-on experience equips him with a deep understanding of the human mind…This unique position also makes him one of the most highly sought after social media evangelists and reputation management consultants in Asia.”

Raymond Tribdino, Malaya Business Insight

“Tony Ahn is credited with bringing reputation management to the country after opening the first reputation management consultancy in Manila, which has grown into full service digital public relations agency Tony Ahn & Co.”

Adobo Magazine

“[Ahn] boasts a flawless record of nominating pages to the highly sought after ‘Did You Know?’ section of Wikipedia’s main page.”

Tim Sampson, The Daily Dot